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you walk, they run, i fly. July 23, 2009

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be it potential, be it genius, be it character. whatever it is, i was taught that we are differ from one another, that is why we called special. i also taught that we could do just about anything when we want to.

fabregas is a world beater when it comes to football, however i would bet everything that he may not be the world beater if only he became some economist


big thing from little nation January 5, 2009

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Emerging as one of the big and upcoming nation ever since its independence, Singapore has successfully lived to its hype and never look back, while the rest of south-Asia are trying hard to catch Singapore in terms of standard of living, economics, wealth, etc. I started my admiration for this little nation long time ago, but then what keeps me amazed was when recently I started the discussion with sugi about the nation where he study. I’m saying how Singapore is a good role model for every country; many smart people in Indonesia tend to go to Singapore for study now, as also for living. Then sugi says, it went down to lee kuan yew, because once upon a time, lee kuan yew says, we don’t have natural resources in Singapore, what we have is people, let’s martyr them. In some way that sounds harsh, but when you look it even further, it shows how although they are having constraints in terms of resources they do not whine or even jealous with other country, instead they keep on moving forward. But then, many would argue their success is because the smallness of area, Indonesia is much more bigger and larger meaning the problem is bigger and also larger, ah I forgot there we go again make the whining, how will we go to the top and beat Singapore if I keep this whining.


wake up call January 4, 2009

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It was a long and tiring road coming back from Bandung, at Sunday morning. It was me, erik, dennis, and Minul after the so called dies natalis. Then what was the big story morning glory until I have to waste my time on writing this blog? I was supposed to go down in citos, but then I changed my mind and would like to go down in lebak bulus. After going down on the highway in front of citos, we need to stop because it says red light. Moments after, BRAK! Such a nuisance noise, even denis who was sleeping all the way was awake along with Eric who fell a slept moment before, then we have this view of motorcycle crushed down along with the person. What shocked us is that the person is not moving a bit! While the motorcycle was badly damaged, the silence was broken when minul said, he must have been dead.

I didn’t see clearly what happen, all I knew there was a car slowing down after the accident, then we conclude that it was the car which crashed the motorcycle, and we found out that the person who drove the car was a teenager that perhaps was younger than me. All I could say was WTF inside my heart, I mean imagine, what did that motorcycle rider dreamt when he about to rode until he was hit like that? Death is inevitable, it could happen just about any time. It does not matter you are black or white, rich or poor, male or female, we all will have that faith. And when you have seen the life defining moment like that, will you still stand to your ego and keep believing on your selves?


walk and stop December 27, 2008

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It’s been a dream holiday for me, although I have yet met few people, but then the people that I already met, already makes me happy. But anyway, after some random going around-nowhere-to-go today, this thing keeps bothering me, the looks of children living in the street, watching others who, perhaps according to them are their dream, passed by. Then I stop thinking of what I want after I finished eating at that time, the thoughts of okay I want a new jacket, clothes, stop at the moment while also asking do I satisfied at the moment? I answered no, I still want them.

Having the thoughts of stay hungry, is good, because according to steve jobs then we need to have that, but then until what extent we have to stay hungry and start cherishing? There are lots of arguments, upon one another, and I believe both of them are important. Then I believe one of the beautiful quotes that I take from ah I forgot, hopefully it says something like this,

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

ahh. It makes me remember to cherishing again, I haven’t cherish this day, although it’s been really exciting for me, I guess it’s time to pray, ah yeah don’t worry for those that I sent message today, it’s not a lip service, I mean it and I do remember that semua bakal ada masanya kok, dan sekarang adalah masanya berdoa dan tidur kali yeeeeeeeeeeee.


open challenge December 14, 2008

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It was 13 of December, and there was it the day that, mm well at least i have been waiting for over a few days. The Mckinsey campus presentation. First impression, they serve us well, showed by how they welcome us, with food and beverages. Next thing, the presentation. I would go on and could spend over the next 2 pages just explaining what Mckinsey people told me there, but then again that is not the extra-ordinary here.

What shook me is they know how to take the cream of the crop from every part of the world and make them the best in business, call me full of bullshit but numbers could not lie. there is more than 100 CEO that generates over than 1 billion us dollar per month, who was once worked in Mckinsey, showing just how capable they are to make people. that is one.

Two, the recruitment process, ignore the GPA part, but IF we pass that round, and advance to the next round, then we will be prepared by them to take the interview, showing just how they want us to be ready for the interview. as if it not enough, they told me the dream of mine, currently one of their employee is going to go to get the MBA in harvard. holyyy shiiiitttttttttt.i don’t know how you guys think, but me? i am tempted, hell yeah.

uh-oh, by the way, there was one thing that encourages me, the competition, there are many people who wants to go in, including the so called masyhur aziz hilmy hahaha sorry syhur i write your name here, for those who does not know, you may google, and you will find lots of story about him. If a name, that does not written by himself, appear in google. then you may conclude of how capable is he. so i highly encourage you guys to take part and join the recruitment, although i would not guarantee my self to be in there, but at least i believe this will give us a lot of new experience.  eniwei pardon my bad writing at this post, because i am very sleepy yet still have the passion to write. adios

the so called 2008 December 10, 2008

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Less than 20 days to go, then we will reached the end of 2008 when another year will passed by. you name it, i have lots of story to tell at this year from the hilarious one until the cloudiest story. in this post, I will sum up my year on monthly basis. people may ask, what is so good about reminding the past? as we are living in the present and for the future, but sometimes memory will never be gone and also it is you in the past that makes you in the present. so put your silly questions behind, and let me start my stories:

January- Early of the year. mmm let me see, what do i have this month? okay, i have golf tournament. The event which successfully generate around 1 billion Rupiah. highlights of the event of course the miscommunication which leads to the un-successful auction. Me, and franky share the burden that Bayu felt. It was the pre-ibe, pre-HNMUN, and Golf tournament. Meaning that i have no holiday at that time.

February-Living the american dream! aaah, it was so damn good at this month. due to the fact that i visited the center of all nations, America and not to forget the most up-dated town in the face of New york, also the university that everyone has been dreaming ever since they knew america, MIT and Harvard. In simple, Astonishing. Not to mention that it was snow at that time, which makes it even cool-er in many ways.

March-mmmm let see, my brother is having his birthday at this month as well as someone which i do not know yet. but eniwei, that was not the main story. errr if you forcing me to recall then this is the month, where i decided to start a new phase of life hahahaha to have a life on my own. end of story, would not elaborate anymore.

April-haha the birthday of the craziest, in literal, people. Me and Jessi have the chance to make recording of people that ever been part of her life, which then i knew it was a loootttt hahaha. another milestones, ummm guess its too hard to recall even further. but let me try it again. guess this is one of the main reason why i should do review each month, because or else i would end up forget what happen.

end of this part. emmm, i am too hungry too continue my writing, therefore i call it the day for this writing. but then, i will keep on continuing this before 2008 come to an end. ciao!

10 amazing fact November 22, 2008

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# Each blogger must post these rules.
# Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
# Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
# Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog

i’ve been tagged by Farah Fadilla

#1: I put Canisius above everything, it become the foundation of my live.
#2: I love procrastinating my own work
#3: I believe in numbers, counting, and probability
#4: Becoming autis when playing games, video games, online games or whatever
#5: When i am felit, no one can beat me on it, except my high school Chinese friends
#6: 19May,2012. Lobby PIM 2
#7: I can do public speaking, okay i revised it I am good at public speaking
#8: I bite my nails a lot
#9: I always look for a good quotes in every movie i have seen
#10: I make a premises along with sugi to meet again in wall street one day in the future

what do you have? November 5, 2008

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bond and alfie

Questions, what do you see in common with these two guys? yes they both are not real, and movie star. but, i am not looking for that answer. what they have in common is that they are type of womanizer, every single women in the film goes down to them in the end, bond and alfie successfully nailed them down, how cool could that be? haha eniwei, it is not the point of nailing them that i would like to talk about. but it is what makes alfie and bond able to nail girls down. it is confidence. When you are finished watching the movie,you will realize that they have this strong character, that indeed is hard to find another character that will able to take them down. They have sense of confidence that in the end leads to their charm. speaking of confidence, now i have this friend of mine that taught me lesson about confidence. but then again look it clearly, because the line between confidence and arrogance is only in thin line.

so, i was having this evening walk at campus along with him, his name is Dika btw. We walked from behind campus until the front campus, and it was like every few steps then people will yell him and start talking with them. i was okay, until i became annoyed of that yell, then i asked him, do you know ever single person that just yelled i you? he simply said, no i don’t. i don’t have to. what important is that they know you. i was like, wuooo okay. what a strong confidence you throw man, then he replied with that is how life should be.  But then i realize that he was not wrong, it is impossible to remember because there will be 3000 people in one year coming through ITB, not to mention your seniors etc. so is it a must to remember 15,000 people? we all have our personal subjectivity of who to remember and whose not. and i agree on him.

Then, where does this confidence leads us to?it leads us to the world of fame. Being not confidence will bring no good on you. where you will always feel failure, doom, so on and so forth. the moment you feel fail, then you will fail. therefore, having confidence is a good thing. but then again, having over confidence is also not a good thing, because it will makes us ego-sentric. therefore, we should adjust our confidence and also our ego. believe me, in your own story you could be more than just alfie or james bond. after all, we are all main character in our life. therefore, it is up to you. to be remember as alfie and james bond, or be remembered as the side kick of the movie, although eventually it is you who become the leading actor.

your time is up October 25, 2008

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Congratulations for SBM-ITB graduates 2008, who finally made it through after 3 years of long and winding journey! i may not be your biggest fan, due to several personal reasons, but for whatever it is that does not stop the fact that you guys have earned it to have your degree. For those who have not graduated, i wish you all a good luck, so that you guys could finish your study as soon as possible, hopefully in March.

So long seniors, and best wishes for all of you in your real life. Don’t think too much of your campus life, it is over, hopefully the next time i heard from you guys, you will be making Indonesia much better in the future and hope you will remember your promises, when you first came up to this universities.

“Bakti kami untukmu Tuhan, Bangsa, Almamater, Merdeka!”

auoauoauo October 24, 2008

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“I don’t feel like talkin’, talkin’
Even if I find nothing better to do
Don’t feel like talkin’, talkin’
Why’d you break it down when i’m not in the mood?
Don’t feel like talkin’, talkin’
I’d rather be home till dawn with you”

-Revising out of Scissor Sisters